Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

The link between families and positive behavioral interventions and supports is an important one. When families are meaningfully involved in educational activities their children do better in schools. Families play an important part in their child’s education and social development. The presence of parents in schools not only provides additional academic supports but also creates community and cultural connections (https://www.usm.edu/reachms/family-overview).

We are excited about PBIS at Earl Travillion Attendance Center. We want to share with you about our school’s plan to teach positive behavior to our students.

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is:

  • Is a collaborative, data-based approach to developing effective interventions
  • Emphasizes the use of proactive, educative, and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomes
  • Aims to build emotionally safe environments in which positive behavior is more likely to occur (Center for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, 2002).

Outcomes of School-Wide PBIS:

  • Less reactive, aversive, dangerous, and exclusionary, and
  • More engaging, responsive, preventive, and productive
  • Address classroom management and disciplinary issues (e.g., attendance, tardies, antisocial behavior),
  • Improve supports for students whose behaviors require more specialized assistance (e.g., emotional and behavioral disorders, mental health), and
  • Most importantly, maximize academic engagement and achievement for all students. (www.pbis.org)


What does PBIS look like at ETAC?

ETAC focuses on five behavioral expectations that are positively stated and easy to remember. Our students recite this everyday after the pledge.

Be Responsible.

Be Respectful.

Be Safe.

Be Prepared.

Be Positive!

All students are expected to be responsible, respectful, safe, prepared and have a positive attitude everyday.


How does PBIS reward our students?

We reward excellence at ETAC! When a student is exhibiting characteristics of the Mighty Tiger, they are rewarded with a Tiger Ticket. Ten Tiger Tickets will gain that child access to our monthly school-wide special activity (the “Tiger Event”). These can be dances, parties, special entertainment, extra privileges and much more.


How can I help with PBIS?

There are many ways families can help PBIS run smoothly in our school.

  • Remind your child of the positive behavior before they leave for school. Have conversations about what it looks like to be responsible, respectful, safe, prepared and positive.
  • When your child gets a ticket, offer praise. If your child comes home with the ticket, please return it to school the next day. Your child’s teacher tracks this in the room. This information is submitted to our team monthly.
  • We appreciate your input!  If you have an idea for a monthly reward or would like sponsor a Tiger Event for our school, please contact Julia Maxie at jmaxie@forrest.k12.ms.us (K-4) or Natalie Schexnayder at nschexnayder@forrest.k12.ms.us (5-8).

For more information you can visit:

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